Rare recording of Martin Luther King Jr. talking about John F. Kennedy released: CNN

Martin-Luther-King-and-John-F-Kennedy-Posters(CNN) — A previously unheard recording of Martin Luther King Jr.discussing John F. Kennedy will be played Monday in the place where the civil rights leader was assassinated.

King’s comments are on a 53-year-old reel-to-reel tape discovered in a Tennessee attic several years ago. But the last several minutes are only now being made public.

The civil rights leader is heard discussing Kennedy’s role in securing his release from a Georgia prison after he was sentenced to four months of hard labor for a traffic violation two weeks before the election that sent Kennedy to the White House.

Then-Sen. Kennedy placed a call to Coretta Scott King against the advice of close advisers, expressing his concern to King’s wife. His brother, Robert Kennedy also called the Georgia judge who had sentenced King to the chain gang and denied him bond. King was freed the next day.

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