Trying to Turn Back the Clock 6/30-7/7 – 2013

turn-back_ClockHere are a number of stories that clearly indicate the need to keep up the struggle for human rights and against hate. They include watermelons and a pickaninny in a 4th of July Parade, a cross burning, both these offensive acts took place in NC, and a hate crime against two women for their sexual orientation.  

June 30 New York, NY

While much progress has been made, anti-gay discrimination and harassment continues to occur in New York City, as evidenced in startling new footage of an apparent verbal and physical assault on subway passengers returning from Pride festivities over the weekend.

The video, posted to YouTube on July 2, was filmed by bystander Rakshita Koirala, a local litigator who said she witnessed the incident while riding a Queens-bound F train close to midnight on June 30.

July 3rd Newark, MD –

The incident began just after 5 p.m. July 3 when the victims, which included a black man, two white women and a mixed-race 3-year-old boy, were outside the motel, and Smith and Trott were next door at Mojo Main, according to Cpl. James Spadola, a spokesman for the Newark Police.

Smith and Trott, both white, allegedly began shouting racial remarks at the victims over the fence, Spadola said, noting it is unclear what started the incident.

Smith then threatened to kill the victims and climbed over the fence, according to police.

July 4th HOPE MILLS, N.C. –

The Hope Mills Fourth of July parade is drawing criticism after an entry had racist overtones.

According to parade watchers and photos, at least two tractors had big Confederate battle flags behind them. One tractor was also pulling a trailer of watermelons.

A sign on the trailer read, “White History Month” followed by, “HUG WTE PPL.”

July 6th Lilesville, NC

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) expressed deep concern over recent reports of a cross burning incident which took place in Lilesville, North Carolina on July 6, 2013.

According to news reports, police were called to a residence in Lilesville at 4:30 a.m., where officers found a cross burning in an African American family’s yard.  Four Caucasian individuals have been arrested and charged in connection with what police have deemed as a hate crime due to the crime’s racially motivated nature.

One more hate crime and New York City will earn its “Hate Crimes” merit badge.

 July 7th New York, NY

NY1 is reporting that yet another anti-gay bias crime has gone down in Koreatown. The man allegedly verbally attacked one of the victims before kicking one of them in the shoulder. After the assault the man took off down West 32nd Street. No details are yet known about the victim or the assailant, but cops are asking people who recognize the man in the photo to come forward with tips.

July 7th Chicago, IL –

A West Side man is accused of being part of a group who beat and robbed two women while attacking their sexual orientation early Sunday in the Austin neighborhood.,0,6862730.story