What are you reading in the next four weeks?

mlk-1964 -nobelI should already be finished with this book. I started in January, but I got sidetracked. First by the book Ali’s Greatest Fight then by work, life and stuff like that. Guess who showed up in Ali’s book? That’s right, Dr. King.

I finished Ali’s book two weeks ago and now I am working my way back to Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community. I’m about a third through and four weeks to go.

This is year four of my reading a book about or by Dr. King in the seventy-nine days between the date of his birth, January 15, and his assassination April 4th. Now I am asking you to take up the reading challenge to read for peace and justice. Kings life and words challenge us to learn how to live in the Beloved Community he envisioned. It is a great way to keep his legacy alive by learning about him yourself, not through filtered speeches and sound bites. You can do it. You still have 4 weeks. It is plenty of time to read one book or a few speeches.

What to read? This is an important question. Honestly, King is not always an easy, so you may want to start off with a biography like the short but very well done and powerful Martin Luther King Jr. a life, by Marshall Frady. This book alone will give you know insights into King and leave you wanting to hear from King himself.

Or if you want to read two very good speeches checkout, Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York or The Quest for Peace and Justice, his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize lecture.

Another very accessible book to start reading King is with Correta Scott King. The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Selected by Coretta Scott King, will provide you with moving quotes organized according to topics like the Community of Man and Justice and Freedom.

If you want to jump right in read Strength to Love or Why We Can’t Wait. These two together will provide for you the depth and breadth of his thinking about living in community and the future of humanity.

If you already know a lot about King you also know reading him several times over always brings new perspectives and a deeper understanding and respect for his work.

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