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stride-toward-freedomTake on the Reading Challenge. Honor Dr. King by reading his works or a book about him. Click here to learn more.

What we can do to Reclaim Dr. King’s Dream.

Every year there are thousands of Martin Luther King Day Celebrations. Few really examine the state of the dream in relation to a radical contemporary vision of the dream. We seldom reflect on demands we ask of ourselves to achieve the dream? What power structures and individuals must we confront to forward the dream? Lastly, what are our strategies and tactics to ensure the dream becomes a reality for our children? These are crucial questions for those who want to see economic and social justice for all people, no matter race, class, gender, religion or sexual orientation. You can help by organizing any of the following in your town or city.

1. A feeder march for the traditional MLK Day Parade carrying signs quoting MLK on war, poverty and police brutality.

2. A forum on the state of the dream including ideas, goals and action oriented strategies to forward a contemporary understanding of the dream.

3. A forum examining the Poor People’s Campaign and its economic and socio-political significance.

4. A forum examining how Dr. King is portrayed in today’s popular culture

5. A forum placing King in the context of other great leaders of his time and the ancestors on whose shoulders he stood.

6. Any gathering that uplifts King’s radical vision of economic and social justice that plugs attendees into current activism.

7. Letters to the editor decrying the yearly tame depiction of King and the glossing over of his anti-war/peace stance when the U.S. has been at war for the last twelve years.

Remember to reach out to new people. We want to spread the message not preach to the choir. Start early and partner with other progressive people and organizations that may not be fully aware of the depth and breadth of King’s message. Use it as an opportunity to introduce and educate people about other great revolutionaries in the struggle for freedom and justice for the common person.

Let us know what you are doing so we can add your activities to our site and press releases.

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