Repost: Why We March: A Reflection

Reposted from Veterans For Peace

MLK_historicalD-marchToday, I am participating in a Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration march with the Seattle Chapter of Veterans For Peace. Next Saturday I will be Washington DC to participate in the Women’s March. I have participated in many actions in solidarity with my sisters and women elders. The events that stand out for me are the 2001 “Zap Action for Women’s Lives in DC,” which brought out about 30,000 people, the April 2004 March for Women’s Lives which drew over a million people to DC and a small but very vibrant gathering in Trenton NJ called United Against the War on Women where I had the honor to talk about the tragic subject of how shooting wars destroy women’s lives.

If one believes in the message of equality and justice preached by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., you must also support the struggle for Women’s rights. When Dr. King called for people to be judged by the content of their character, he did not mean only in juxtaposition to the color of skin. No, that would make the argument weak and variable. He was calling for recognition of each person’s humanity and for each of us to be measured by who we are as an individual, not by our “race,” gender, sex, nationality and a whole host of variables that make up the incredible mosaic of the human family. One cannot be a true advocate of human rights if you do not stand up for the struggle of women’s rights.

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